Friendly Gluten Free is a new website dealing with issues linked to gluten intolerance. The objectives are to:
- Facilitate customer’s everyday life, whether intolerant or on a gluten free diet by choice
- Reduce constraints liked to gluten free diet
- Encourage the development of gluten free offer, leading to more choice and less expenses.
Although well known by professionals and individuals abroad (specifically Canada, the United-States, the United-Kingdom), the topic is starting to be targeted in France. We would like to allow gluten intolerant people to easily book a restaurant, travel and share good addresses….

By answering this survey, you have the opportunity to make yourself best known by a growing targeted clientele. If you have the ability to adapt in the kitchen, even if you don’t communicate the gluten –free offer on your menu, we will share the information among the community. We would like to draw your attention on the importance of the liability of the information you are sharing with us, considering the possibly serious consequences resulting of gluten absorption by some highly intolerant people.

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1) Gluten is an element found in many cooked dishes, bread and pastries, it is used as a binder in most sauces. If a gluten intolerant client shows up, can you adapt some of your dishes to offer him a gluten free meal?

 Yes No

2) On a 1 to 3 scale, which gluten safe level do you estimate you could assure a gluten intolerant client of? 1 being a dish with no trace of gluten (no contamination possible) and 3 being a dish with no wheat (crossed contamination possible).

 1 2 3

3) We are creating a website on which we list restaurants in France able to answer intolerant people’s specific requirements. Would you be interested by being referenced for free?

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In return of this free referencing, would you agree to give an additional benefit (i.e. free welcome drink, discount…) to clients coming from our website?

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Depending on your answers and your wish to communicate to a wide audience, we will contact you in order to create your page on